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Type: GinSeng
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Categories: Red GinSeng
1. Those who need Compound K
 - Those who do not feel the effect even after taking regular red ginseng
 - Those who want a high absorption rate of red ginseng ingredients by taking Compound K
 - Office workers exhausted from life due to fatigue and stress
2. Red ginseng ingredient (Compound K) intake of the product Compound K = 5mg (per 20g daily intake)
3. Contains fermented wild ginseng mixed concentrate (fermented red ginseng (including Compound K) + fermented wild ginseng (L-carnitine))
   Fermented red ginseng: Allows absorption of saponins without the process of decomposing saponins by intestinal microbes (maximizing saponin 
   absorption / 15.5 times more than general red ginseng)
   Compound K: The saponin of red ginseng is converted from high molecular weight polysaccharide into a low molecular weight form that can be absorbed 
   by the body through the metabolic process of intestinal microbes. The final metabolite of saponin
   Fermented wild ginseng: Even wild ginseng itself has a saponin content that is 2-3 times higher than that of ginseng, and the total saponin content is    
   increased through fermentation. (Fermented wild ginseng on the 7th day: 67% higher saponin content than unfermented wild ginseng)
   L-Carnitine: A type of amino acid that reduces body fat, reduces fatigue, and exhibits antioxidant effects (non-fermented wild ginseng is not detected,   
   produced and increased through fermentation)
4. A simple and delicious red ginseng stick in the form of fresh jelly
5. Pomegranate concentrate, Seven berry mixed concentrate (blueberry juice concentrate, strawberry juice concentrate, red sweet cherry concentrate, aronia  
   juice concentrate, bilberry concentrate, Product that reduces the bitter taste of red ginseng with cranberry concentrate, raspberry concentrate)
* Information about raw materials, not information about products.
 - Pomegranate:
   It contains a large amount of phytoestrogens and ellagitannin, so it has a function of alleviating menopausal symptoms.
   It has a function for skin beauty due to its high content of various vitamins.
   Lycocene has antioxidant and anticancer properties that improve cholesterol levels.